Personalized, proven, and practical solutions to your information security needs.

With Chris Silvers’ extensive background in information security and risk management, we help businesses of all sizes apply the most necessary protections.

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Social Engineering

When it comes to social engineering tests, we are a recognized authority. While traditional social engineering tests normally only include the general user community, we include groups that may represent more risk to the organization. Our consultants bring years of experience.

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Penetration Testing

While some security testers treat network penetration testing like a commodity service that can be completed by checking boxes on a form, we take a different approach. We have learned from years of experience that while finding and exploiting vulnerabilities is important, what’s more useful is testing a client’s monitoring, detection, and response processes.

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Incident Response

CG Silvers helps you prepare for and react to a cybersecurity incident. Our comprehensive incident response (IR) services range from developing an IR response program to actually responding to a security emergency. We customize our IR services to your specific needs -- whether you need IR training for your existing team or simply evaluation of your existing environment for security breaches. 

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Risk and Compliance

Leveraging a wide range of professional experience that includes mail-ordering retail, contract services, financial services, and corporate mergers, we bring a unique understanding of business realities to risk and compliance consulting. Specializing in NIST, PCI, HIPAA, and SANS risk frameworks, we apply the intent of each control to enable our clients to implement creative solutions that don’t compromise their ability to maximize company success.

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information Security Education

We provide pragmatic, hard-hitting security awareness in a customized setting. It’s common for employees, executives, and IT staff alike to doze off when the security awareness training they receive is just like any other. Our consultants deliver something different.


"Chris did an amazing job on a physical security assessment for us.  He was the consummate professional, going above and beyond in not only his efforts but also his documentation and communications.  He is definitely our go-to guy for future engagements."


"I engaged Chris for a high profile very fast-paced Security Consulting engagement and found very quickly that not only is he a technical security expert but thinks 'outside the box', is a good communicator and was very reliable."