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Information Security Education

C G Silvers Consulting provides a variety of security awareness and educational services personalized for different audiences within a company.

Non-technical consumer awareness

With experience giving talks to teenagers, we can reach any audience and talk about what’s important to them. We employ an engaging teaching style, displaying the real risks of uneducated use of new technologies. What you won’t hear in one of our talks: the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt you get from most paranoid security enthusiasts. Audiences get real take-aways that encourage them to protect themselves and their companies, not to unplug their Internet connections.


Non-technical enterprise employee awareness

Encouraging employees to protect corporate assets can be difficult. Recent studies have shown that employees regularly lose corporate laptops and phones with little remorse. The popularization of Bring Your Own Device practices has made protecting company information even more challenging since employees have even more uncontrolled access to information. The best way to combat this trend? Make it personal. We understand that most employees aren’t security savvy and that they need a reason to care. Through entertaining stories, interactive demonstrations and pure enthusiasm, we convey your security policy message in an engaging way that motivates employees to follow it.

Executive awareness

No matter what executives tell employees about taking security seriously, it won’t be effective until executives model the behaviours themselves. Therefore, it’s critical that executives understand how their actions affect the security of the organization as a whole. For almost two decades, we have evangelised security to executives. While it may be tempting to present executives with statistics and graphs, we find that scenario-based demonstrations and interactive discussions are more persuasive.


IT staff awareness

Due to their increased level of access to information assets within the organization, IT staff members must completely understand the criticality of their role in the security program. Small mistakes made by a system or network administrator can significantly increase the organization’s exposure to risk. At the same time, IT staff members are asked to do more with less all the time. We understand the challenge faced by IT staffers and addresses it based on the company’s particular situation. We work with the company to develop secure behaviors that don’t decrease the efficiency of the IT operation.

IS staff awareness and education

Surprisingly, many security issues within organizations are caused inadvertently by the very staff charged with protecting it. The problems usually stem from a lack of understanding regarding the role of information security within the organization and how security can be an enabling business unit. Old-school security practitioners have a “just say no” mindset when confronted with new ideas. That kind of mentality stunts the growth of the business, causing stress between groups and creating an environment in which the security staff is either ignored or just paid lip service. That kind of environment does little to enhance the security posture of the organization. We have spent over a decade fighting and studying these battles and has developed techniques to solve the issue.  In other words, we can teach the information security staff how to sell their security program and different initiatives without compromising the security of the organization.


Knowledge transfer

Chris has been happily teaching, coaching and mentoring his entire professional life. This service is for more advanced staff members who will benefit from his years of experience within and consulting for large organizations. Chris can teach information security staff to do what he does, enabling them to test their own security in-house. From coping skills to a wide variety of technical tricks, Chris can help.

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