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About CG Silvers Consulting


What started as helping out a friend with his website has evolved into a thriving security consulting business that has experienced explosive growth since the first quarter of 2014. Leveraging an extensive background in information security and risk management, CG Silvers Consulting helps businesses both large and small apply the most necessary protections to enable their continued success. Instead of merely recommending standard security "best practices," CG Silvers Consulting understands the limitations faced by its clients and develops creative solutions that provide maximum protection for minimum cost and effort. This down-to- earth pragmatism sets CG Silvers Consulting apart from other firms in the security industry.

About Chris


Chris Silvers is a security consultant and instructor with more than 20 years in information security in addition to a passion for education. He has presented at numerous conferences, such as DEF CON, DerbyCon, and GrrCon, and is a sought-after expert in cyber security with a focus on social engineering. Chris endeavors to spread security awareness in the community, particularly among teenagers as well as professionals outside the security industry, through highly interactive demonstrations, including a TEDx talk.

About Kris

Kris Silvers, M.Ed., is a security awareness training professional with more than two decades of experience in the education sector. During her career in secondary and higher education in the state of Georgia, she held positions with public and private high schools as well as a private four-year university. Kris has also completed doctorate-level coursework in philosophy of curriculum and instruction and holds her Master of Education in Administration and Supervision. As a partner of and head of security awareness and training with CG Silvers Consulting, Kris conducts in-person and virtual training sessions and administers a variety of managed services with enterprise-level corporate clients. She is also the lead organizer for Open Source Intelligence Capture the Flag (OSINT CTF) competitions sponsored by CG Silvers Consulting, which have been featured at GrrCon, NolaCon, BSides Atlanta, and other security conferences and community events.

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