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Security Documentation Development

Low-lift templates for organizations of all sizes

CG Silvers Consulting has worked with organizations across industries and of all security program maturities. We will start with our foolproof templates, use the knowledge from any prior engagements with your organization when applicable to give us a head start, and lead informal interviews with your team to fill in the rest. We can also provide data-driven recommendations for any policy areas that are new to you.​ Don't worry if you haven't ventured into the world of security documentation before -- you're in good hands.

Compliance support

Does your organization need to produce and maintain certain documentation to remain compliant with industry standards? Most industry-standard governance, risk, and compliance frameworks accepted by insurance carriers and other governing bodies require some kind of security documentation. To list a few: CMMC, NIST, HIPAA, PCI, CIS, and FFIEC.​ CG Silvers Consulting can help your organization with the required documentation for each certification.

Add-on to other CG Silvers Consulting services

Many organizations that engage CG Silvers Consulting for risk assessments, penetration tests, and incident response​ come away from those engagements with the need for new security documentation. Instead of starting from scratch, why not stick with the consultants who already know so much about your organization? CG Silvers Consulting is happy to take advantage of existing organizational knowledge to produce required security documentation. The pre-existing relationship ensures a faster, more customized experience.

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