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As a security consultant...


"Chris did an amazing job on a physical security assessment for us.  He was the consummate professional, going above and beyond in not only his efforts but also his documentation and communications.  He is definitely our go-to guy for future engagements."


“I engaged Chris for a high profile very fast paced Security Consulting engagement and found very quickly that not only is he a technical security expert but thinks 'outside the box', is a good communicator and was very reliable.”


"Chris Silvers also drives for excellence in his delivery of services to customers both as a managing consultant and peer. He always looks for that extra edge to promote success and provide value. A stellar security practitioner.”


"I have had the pleasure of working with Chris for over two years.  Chris has a great attention for detail, with exceptional project management abilities. Chris also has strong presentation skills that allow me to engage Chris with any level client.  Each of my engagements with Chris has lead to very positive customer feedback and satisfied customer experiences."


"Chris has worked with my orgainization over the years and has been engaged with numerous information security consulting projects with our customers and has always successfully demonstrated his superb communication skills, detailed and orgainzed deliverables, and timely execution."



As an instructor...


"Chris Silvers is one of the engaging and patient instructors I have met.  He was very helpful, professional and he made learning the subject matter much easier by providing examples and walking throught the more difficult topics."


"Chris did an amazing job, helped me understand the material very well."


"This course was a little out of my field but I'm learning and my instructor Chris Silvers did an excellent job of trying to keep all of us on the same page.  I hope to learn more!"


"Chris did a great job high energy and charismatic"


"I did not have the basic knowledge baseline to gain the most out of this course.  However, even with my lack of basics, [Chris] made the course interesting and I am walking away from this course with many beneficial "nuggest" of information."


"Very impressed with [Chris] and his ability to apply real world application via private experiences."

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