• Chris Silvers

CG Silvers In Conversation with Chris Hadnagy

Chris Hadnagy is the master of human hacking. However, he's never comfortable in his mastery, always wanting to learn more about human behavior and how to use it. To this end, he is presenting the second annual Human Hacking Conference from March 11-March 13, 2021. Bringing speakers in from all around the globe, Chris hopes to share their knowledge with all of his attendees. Chris also founded the Innocent Lives Foundation, an organization dedicated to tracking and capturing predators that exploited and trafficked children.

Aside from his professional work, Chris is a great friend to CG Silvers Consulting! We consider his family a part of our family, and we couldn't be happier to know him.

With that said, please enjoy this conversation with Chris. He's a brilliant guy, and we hope you will glean something useful and/or entertaining from watching!

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