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On the Road: The Perfect Dystopia Survival Squad from DEF CON 26

This year's DEF CON theme was "1983: The View from Dystopia's Edge." When the world goes to pieces, what do we do? Who do we turn to? Who would I want on my dystopia survival squad? After DEF CON 26, I have my answer:

  1. Chris Hadnagy, to assemble and lead an awesome team.

  2. Beau Woods, to keep us focused on the big picture.

  3. Taylor Banks, to make us believe anything is possible.

  4. Dan Anderson, to scout for reinforcements.

  5. Dual Core and Fuzzy Nop, to keep us entertained.

  6. Chris Roberts and Jim Manley, to keep us hydrated.

  7. Johnny Long, to inspire us to think of those less fortunate.

  8. Billy Boatright, to remind us that we can all be immortal.

  9. Dan Falk, to dig in and make things happen.

  10. Mike Hadnagy, to guard the door.

  11. Ryan Macdougall, to keep our heads down and do the uncomfortable jobs.

  12. Cat Murdock, to keep us laughing and avoid taking ourselves too seriously.

  13. Colin Hadnagy, to pick any locks in our way.

  14. Areesa Hadnagy, to keep Chris from hulking.

  15. Amaya Hadnagy, to preserve the experience in photographs.

  16. Rachel Tobac, to remind us that there is more than one winner in any competition.

  17. April Wright and Jayson Street, to bring the awkward hugs and ALL THE BADGES.

Hopefully we don't need a survival squad anytime soon. But in case we do, I call dibs on the awesome guys and gals here.

We'll see you next year in Vegas!

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