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Over the Airwaves: Talking Security Education on 'Buzz Off with Lawyer Liz'

I had the opportunity in May to speak with Elizabeth Wharton, better known as Lawyer Liz, on her show, Buzz Off with Lawyer Liz on America's Web Radio. We chatted about the importance of education, curiosity, and lifelong learning to cyber security.

How do you foster curiosity and security awareness in yourself and others without burning out from cyber-security paranoia? How can individuals and businesses balance security with the professional need to share information online? How can you implement risk management instead of a risk-adverse security strategy?

Listen to the full show below, or skip to the 30:13 mark to begin with my interview:

During our interview, Lawyer Liz asked me what resources I would recommend for those who want to stay up-to-date on the latest technology and security news. Here are links to those we talked about:

Many thanks to Lawyer Liz for speaking with me!

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