CGSC On the Road: Top Ten Takeaways from DerbyCon 9 Vishing Panel

Last month, I had the privilege of sitting on a panel discussion at DerbyCon 9 and discussing the differences between vishing in a competitive environment and vishing professionally. The all-star line-up featured Chris Hadnagy, President and CEO of Social-Engineer, Inc., as the moderator and panelists Alethe Denis, winner of this year’s DEFCON SE CTF; Whitney Maxwell, a professional cyber security consultant and DEFCON 26 winner; and Shelby Dacko and Colin Hadnagy, professional vishers with Social-Engineer, Inc., who literally make hundreds of vishing calls a week. These down to earth and savvy experts would have made the panel interesting on their own, but honestly, what made this discussio

On the Road: OSINT-CTF at DerbyCon IX

Even if you’re not an avid sports fan, there’s something electric about watching a live event. Sure, part of the pleasure is seeing your team play in person, but there’s also the camaraderie of cheering with other fans, the thrill of seeing yourself on the Jumbotron, and the delight of knowing you were there for that game-changing play. For DerbyCon IX, we wanted to bring the drama of a sporting event to the OSINT-CTF. Were we successful? Let’s just say that by the end of the conference, we were ready to do the wave. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes So, just what changes did we make to the OSINT-CTF format to generate more audience excitement? We thought you’d never ask! First, we focused on transforming th

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