On the Road: OSINT CTF at NolaCon

A thousand thanks to our sponsors — IntelTechniques, Hak5, and Ace Hackware — as well as the Nola Con organizers and volunteers, our CTF targets, and our contestants, for making the OSINT CTF such a success. And additional thanks to Taylor Banks for presenting "On the Hunt: Hacking the Hunt Group" with me, and to every NolaCon attendee who participated in our helium challenge. All I can say after the NolaCon OSINT CTF is WOW! Again, our teams blew us away with their investigative skills. We really upped the difficulty this time, and our teams rose to the challenge. At the end of the contest, with 40 teams creeping on 3 targets for 36 flags worth more than 2,000 possible points, we had our wi

On the Road: OSINT CTF at BSidesATL

Many thanks again to BSidesATL for hosting us, to IntelTechniques and Hak5 for sponsoring our sick prize packs, and to our targets for volunteering to be creeped on. This past Saturday, we hosted the OSINT CTF at BSidesATL at Kennesaw State University. It was an amazing experience — the main hall was packed for every talk, and we had competitors in our contest room all day to use the open tables, watch the live scoreboard, and eat too much candy. Every time we host the OSINT CTF, I'm amazed at what our competitors are able to find in such a short period of time. This time was no different! Out of more than 1,000 potential points spread across three OSINT targets, our top team raked in 820 po

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